The IAF published a monthly eBulletin with information about global developments that are of interest to the falconry and raptor conservation community. These include news on conferences, IAF initiatives and projects, working groups, developments affecting the legislative frameworks for falconry, falconry meets, and significant activities by IAF member organizations. The IAF Translations Working Group subsection of the Falconry Education Program translates these eBulletins into up to 35 languages. Past eBulletins are listed below and translations may be accessed via the buttons in the main links. Member organizations or IAF Working Groups wishing to include any news item in the IAF eBulletin may send a request to or eBulletins are closed for editing on the 14th of each month to allow volunteer translators two weeks to translate their content. eBulletins are published at the very end of each month.

Below you may find the IAF 2020 eBulletin Report and Strategy for 2021:

IAF eBulletin 2020 and 2021 Strategy and Report

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