The IAF Translation Working Group (ITWG) is one of the 6 subgroups or program areas that compose the IAF Falconry Education Program (IFEP). The IFEP is administered by the Education Working Group which is responsible for setting the IAF education policy (within the framework provided by the president, secretariat, and board) and for overseeing and assisting with the development of a strategy for its subgroups. – Please note, membership of the ITWG does not necessarily imply membership of the IAF Education Working Group.

The ITWG was officially formed in May 2018 with the objective of translating IAF publications into different languages, to thereby facilitating the dissemination of falconry related information and IAF publications to the wider falconry community, and to thus bringing our global falconry family closer together.

This is a volunteer-based group of like-minded falconers from all over the world who volunteer their time and their linguistic skills to translate content for IAF and thus make information about falconry, raptor conservation, and sustainable use available to as many members of the global falconry family as possible. The ITWG is dedicated to bridging national and linguistic borders.

Most strategy documents for the ITWG are included in the main IFEP strategy documents found in the “About IFEP” section of this website.

Below you may find further ITWG strategy and report documents:

1) ITWG Welcome Document
2) ITWG Report and Strategy 2018
3) Report on the current state and future strategy of the IAF Translations Working Group (ITWG) January 2020
4) IAF eBulletin 2020 and 2021 Strategy and Report
5) All ITWG Documents, Strategy and Report Documents and Paragraphs in order of creation State 12.12.2020