The main medium through which we communicate are emails sent out by the coordinators (Julian Mühle, Farooq Khan, and Ilaria Cerli) or language leads with one of the coordinators’ copied to request the translation of documents. To facilitate this, we request that all prospective members send us their full name, country of origin, languages they speak with sufficient proficiency to translate, and email. All data including details of translations that a member has previously elaborated is stored in a confidential database to which only the ITWG coordinators – and for their specific language section the language leads have access to.

In addition to this, there is also a Facebook group called “IAF Translations Working Group (ITWG)” which any ITWG member is welcome to join or via which prospective new members may make their membership request by filling in the three questions. This closed group is predominantly used for announcements relevant to the group as a whole but may also be used socially by ITWG members to post things related to falconry which they may wish to share (provided it conforms to the IAF Social media rules). Eventually, some specific languages with many participants may also be coordinated via WhatsApp groups.
You may find all current and previous ITWG strategy and report documents on the IFEP website and in the Facebook group.

To date ITWG has translated over 800 documents for IAF and continues to translate more with our primary translation tasks include translating the monthly IAF eBulletin, IAF Journal articles, content for the IAF Sustainable Use Websites (Perdixnet, Sakernet, and AmFalCon), national falconry reports, and documents for specific IAF working groups. At the moment that this document is being written, ITWG has the capacity to translate documents into over 35 languages and has over 250 members.

Please find below direct contact information for the ITWG Coordinators
● Julian Mühle – Strategy and Sustainable Use Portals Coordinator (
● Farooq Khan – Coordinator for Non-Latin Script Languages (
● Ilaria Cerli – Coordinator for Latin Script Languages (

As part of the ITWG Strategy for 2020 and 2021 we have decided that each major language (measured by member capacity) should also include:
● A language lead, who will help coordinate and will have the contact details of each translator for this language.
● A Priority 1 member, with a high degree of proficiency and enthusiasm who has offered to translate documents on very short notice (1 or 2 days).
● A revisionist, who shall be a very experienced member of the group who will assist with correcting the first translations of new members and periodically and randomly check the proficiency of all members within that language section.

The increased organizational framework within some languages has become necessary to accommodate the large size and capacity of the ITWG. In any case, the ITWG coordinators may be contacted at any time by anyone in the WG to answer questions and queries.
We are also open to any thoughts, suggestions, or questions about the structure, strategy, and operations of the ITWG.
Volunteer translators themselves are the heart of the ITWG as members who join us are the ones who actively sacrifice their time to support a common vision for falconry without national borders or linguistic barriers.

Membership requests may be made directly by requesting membership of the Facebook group or by contacting any of the three coordinators per email. In either case please make sure to send us a valid email address, languages spoken and country of origin) as we will not be able to process your request without this information.

The IAF Education Working Group and the IAF leadership greatly appreciate the amazing work done by our volunteer translators. – Quod totum procedit ex amore.