Amongst the exchange opportunities which the IYEP offers is the possibility of exploring Paraguayan falconry which is predominantly characterized through the use of Neotropical raptors. Due to the current pandemic restrictions, this project is not currently operational but it is hoped that this will be possible again within the near future. Final Version Paraguay Exchange Opportunity

Another opportunity which the IYEP currently offers is in collaboration with Hiebler’s centers in Austria. This exchange¬† opportunity provides youths the opportunity of learning from Josef and Monika Hiebeler at the Landesjagdfalkenhof Werfen and affiliated breeding facilities in Austria. Depending on the interest, availability, and season this may include training hunting eagles, display falconry, and breeding experience. Hiebeler’s Centers Youth Exchange Project Opportunity

As a result of the complicated global situation and the limitations imposed by the current Covid-19 Pandemic, all exchanges may be impacted. We hope to be able to reactivate exchanges with all of our partners and hosts once the worldwide Covid-19 challenges are resolved. In the meantime, it is possible to approach our hosts to discuss future exchanges when the challenges affiliated with the pandemic are resolved.